Accelerating innovation and helping society thrive. was founded to help businesses throughout their lifecycle unlock innovation and accelerate growth. High growth businesses face unique challenges as they scale quickly, whether its boosting cashflow through government incentives or creating an efficient operating model to manage international expansion, expert advice used to come with sky-high fees.

To change this, provides a one-stop platform to fully immerse us in your organisation and help ambitious scale-ups increase their capital, reduce their burn rate and take their business to the next level. A digital consultant at your fingertips, we deliver a connected experience with an all-in-one suite of collaborative services giving you the power to make strategic decisions to help your business scale.

It's all about the people was founded to help ambitious businesses grow, scale and evolve.

Dominic Ball

Managing Director

Mohammed Mogra CTA

Managing Director

Be a force for good
Remaining agile in a constantly changing environment by finding new and innovative ways to make a positive difference in society and bring value to our clients.

Excellence is key
We strive to achieve the best we can every day without compromise and upholding our commitments to all our stakeholders.

We continuously work on building relationships with our people, partners and clients to share ideas and knowledge beyond boundaries to enhance the overall experience and deliver the best results.

Remaining sincere in all dealings
We believe that nothing is more important than our reputation, and remaining upright and honest at all times is fundamental to who we are.

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